. MitraClip

What is it 

The MitraClip or transcatheter mitral valve repair is a minimally invasive procedure performed in patients with a mitral valve insufficiency/regurgitation (leak) by a team of cardiologist and cardiac surgeons. A flexible tube (catheter) is threaded up from the femoral vein (large vein in the groin) to the heart, across the septum (wall) between the 2 atria (the 2 blood collection chambers of the heart). A small metal clip (covered by a polyester fabric) is gently moved forward from the left atrium to the left ventricle (the main heart chamber) where the valve leaks more. Retracting the clip and closing it brings the valve together again so that the regurgitation of the valve diminishes or almost disappears (Fig. 11). Patients are usually discharged 2 days after the operation.


What we perform

MitraClip® is performed by a team of cardiologist and cardiac surgeons working together in a combined environment (hybrid operational room). This approach increases efficacy and safety, because the procedure can be safely switched from minimally invasive to standard cardiac surgery, if needed.

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Why a patient needs a MitraClip

The mitral valve is found between the left atrium (the heart chambers which collects oxygenated blood from the lungs) and the left ventricle (the heart chamber which pumps the blood in the body). A mitral insufficiency or regurgitation describes the situation in which the valve does not close properly. This results in blood leaking backwards from the ventricle, through the mitral valve in the left atrium. Shortness of breath at rest and during exercise are commonly associated with severe regurgitation. Pulmonary edema (sudden accumulation of fluid in the lung) and (acute) failure of the main heart chamber to pump blood forward can occur in this situation. In the past, patients with advanced age or additional health problems did not qualify for “standard” cardiac surgery because the risks associated with the operation were too high. Nowadays, quality of life can be restored with this minimally invasive procedure which is performed in general anesthesia.

Mitra Clip