. Diagnosis

GDP Medical cooperates with the most qualified Hospitals in Europe for the cardiological diseases relevant to the electrophysiological and hemodynamic procedures.

As for any discipline, you have to be as skilled as well-trained, in order to be able to identify an anomaly, which can mutate into a problem, and then identify the best solution to get the problem or potential problem solved.

 The hospitals with whom we work with have highly skilled staff in electrophysiology and hemodynamics disciplines, for which the study of the electrophysiological and hemodynamic cardiac diseases presents a daily challenge.  Due to this the staff have developed a special ability to identify the anomalies even where everything appeared normal during a non-specialized inspection.

 GDP offers the DIAGNOSIS services, which gives to the patients the opportunity to obtain an accurate analysis of their cardiological conditions.

The patient will be subjected to the usual analysis in China, where the hospitals with which we work will complete the specific planned analysis checklists, based on which the European-selected hospital will evaluate the conditions of the patient and give the instruction whether or not to perform one or more of the services proposed by GDP Medical.



Alternately, the European-selected hospital will suggest the best solution for the specific patient, including even not to perform any procedure, and eventually suggesting a customized pharmacological treatment. 

The patient can request the DIAGNOSIS service separately, without any subsequent obligations with GDP in the continuation of either eventually pharmacological treatment or interventional procedure.