.Follow up

We do care for your heart, this is our true motto, and we stay by the patient’s side throughout their journey; before, during and after the procedure with pharmacological treatment as well.

Our patients have the opportunity to be followed by the same equipment and specialists that have performed the procedure or have subscribed the pharmacological treatment.

Each of the procedures and treatments we do offer includes a specific follow up to be followed after the intervention as well as during the pharmacological treatment.

Based on a planned schedule the patient will undergo to the usual analysis in China in the hospitals with which we work with, where the doctors will follow the specific planned follow-up analysis checklists; then the European hospital will receive, study and evaluate the conditions of the patient.


The FOLLOW-UP package therefore offers the advantage to have the desirable continuity of the complete treatment path, which also gives the opportunity to promptly adjust the approach in case of the anomaly continues, as in the case of new anomalies or unexpected situations which may occur.

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Follow up